A Global Network Of Your Common Interests

iamU is a social network with a purpose. Your gateway to discovery. Share what you want, with who you want, anytime you want. iamU members network, collaborate and create powerful online communities. Whether you’re interested in cooking or skydiving, iamU’s robust out-of-the-box community networking platform. Positioned on simple, easy-to-use setting options, you control who sees what to seamlessly connect with your boss, your customers and your mom…without worries. iamU.com is the fastest and easiest way to set up the type of network or support group you need—either social or educational or a combination of both. You can customize your iamU.com feeds the excitement of interaction through shared photos, comments, and videos. It’s content driven and features built-in integration with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube so you can quickly spread your word. iamU is community networking made simple. It’s The Global Network of Your Common Interests. The uses for iamU’s compelling features:
As an internal communication tool and e-learning platform for employees.
As a focused social networking platform for a new product or service offered.

Here are just a few ways iamU is being used in academia: iamU to create social learning communities based on their courses, lesson plans and activities.

iamU as a campus wide learning and sharing network.

iamU as a think tank for creative intellect and   innovation.

Regardless of who you are—business or individual, college student or professor, power mom, single dad, dog lover or rare book collector—iamU.com is an exhilarating outlet for expression.\r\n\r\iamU.com. It’s not what you think. It’s better.

iamU.com is a global social network that connects people through their common interests. Whether its martial arts, technology, or even cooking you enjoy, each “community” provides you with the latest news and lets you know what people are “chattering” about. Highlight your skills and love for your community through detailed profiles with videos, photos, events and much more. iamU’s clean and fun web experience will have you logging on day after day.